The Perfect Pair of Jeans Update

So, my dress-wearing friend asked for an update on how things are going, a few months into my ThredUp /more skirts experiment.

And the answer is: good! Good enough to not know for sure which jeans fit me at the moment, and good enough to make another order from ThredUp, although I’m not yet ready to make the leap one blogger I admire did with No Pants July. (After all, even getting my white legs out in shorts is a bit of an accomplishment.)

Bear with me, I have some photographic evidence, self-timer and/or random relevant snapshot style:

top, Abercrombie, yard sale find by my mom; eShakti skirt from ThredUp; Scout’s romper from Goodwill

Above is a normal weekday for me at the moment. I love that this skirt is high-waisted and that it’s pretty long without being aggressively modest.

Here is a terrible shot of my favorite dress, as I’m stripping Scout from her onesie on her birthday for the cake eating bonanza.

Through ThredUp, I received my current favorite dress, the shirtdress above, originally from Theory, which arrived new with tags. I save it all week for whichever day I’m most excited about — it’s lightweight, green (my favorite), comfortable and pretty. I should probably iron it (at least the belt) but I don’t. So there.

When you realize the shirt you ordered is almost identical to your three-year-old’s

Above is one of the two dress shirts I ordered, the other being a workhouse of a white shirt. I don’t wear either much right now, except to church, as it’s been plenty warm without AC.

Recently I made my second ThredUp order, trying to fill out my wardrobe for the transition to autumn. I belatedly bought a maxi skirt, which is exciting (no shaving!) and also worrying (I’ll trip!). It’s my first maxi skirt since I overdosed on them in Uganda in 2008-9, where they were effectively mandatory. I also bought two new dresses, a turtleneck, two long sleeve t-shirts, a tank top, a short-sleeve button down, two medium length skirts, and, most excitingly, a brown-and-black J. Crew cardigan that is an exact replacement for one I found years ago at a Boston Goodwill and loved right into the grave last winter. All this — 11 pieces — came to $80.45 with free shipping. The most expensive piece was $20.70; one skirt was $.90.

ThredUp definitely isn’t for everyone; back when I had more freedom to try things on at stores, I probably could have gotten lower prices through Old Navy clearance and thrift stores. The really low priced items at TU can’t be returned, and free shipping has a high requirement, which is why I can only imagine using the site once a season or so, when I can swoop in and make a big purchase. As I mentioned in my previous post, the search features lack the granularity I want, so I find myself hesitating to shop for sweaters when I don’t know if they’re washable, for instance, and growing frustrated that I can’t search for shirtdress, etc.

Still, it’s excellent as a one stop shop, and seeing all my items together helps me think about combinations and reigns in my flights of fancy. It rules out my tendency in thrift stores IRL to grab the thing I love the best, or that fits the best, without considering what I’ll wear it with — this summer I’ve impulsively bought two dresses at Goodwill and they’re both a little shorter than is comfortable. I also feel like I’m getting better quality (J. Crew, Gap, Banana Republic, Ann Taylor in this order) than at Target or Old Navy, which are my normal sources for new clothes. Plus, it’s intoxicating to watch the site keep track of how much you’re “saving” (with this most recent order, $434.61).

If you decide it’s something you want to try, maybe think about using my referral link? (You’ll get $10 to spend and so will I.) If not, tell me what your strategy for clothes buying looks like at the moment!

4 thoughts on “The Perfect Pair of Jeans Update

  1. Facts:
    Dresses got a bad rap as “too fancy for everyday.” If done right, they are the most comfortable, flattering, and heat-compatible garments ever. Learned this from my job with a black roof and no AC this summer. I now own a LOT of casual dresses, and am thinking of trashing my shorts altogether.
    Also, I love resale. Period. Plus, when you buy resale, you are contributing to the US economy and give nothing to potentially exploitative companies.
    Also, Theory is fancy as fuck. I love Theory. LOVE. You might also like Joie, Madewell, Eileen Fisher, Vince, Recca Taylor, and Tracy Reese.

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  2. Yes! Once you figure out the styles that let you wear normal underthings and comfortable shoes, you’re totally golden. And when your weight is fluctuating a lot, dresses are way more forgiving. (And when your weight is fluctuating a lot, it’s so wonderful to wear pretty things that don’t make you feel awkward.)

    And yes! I’ve thought about that with resale, too. In college for awhile I was trying to buy all American made, and it’s basically impossible, but if you buy second-hand, you’re not benefiting child labor. (I still think fondly of our Goodwill Emporium recon missions.)

    I’ll have to try some of those other lines. I own a lovely shirt from Madewell, but sometimes even the resale stuff is too pricey for me!


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