kindred spirits

A.K.A., Hey, girl, get out of my brain.

A.K.A., They said it better.

An incomplete list of some of the blogs I love best for your further reading:

  • Surviving Our Blessings. Funny story. When we first moved to Virginia, I walked into a church gathering and experienced a weird moment of vertigo, because I kew this woman, and I didn’t know how, and then I realized I knew her FROM THE INTERNET and couldn’t decide if it would be creepy or flattering to tell her, but I did, because I am creepy. And she likes me anyway.
  • A Quiet Quest. Independent of each other, we manage to write basically the same posts, except she is a poet and much better cook.
  • Emily C. Gardner. We were housed together through our Oxford study abroad program for being early risers, but our love for Austen, Lewis, Montgomery, Nutella and more unites us even now, almost ten (!!!) years later. So glad to have this West Coast gal on the dark side with me now.
  • Fueled by Diet Coke. She’s another souvenir of my time in England, although she was in J’s London program. Our children are basically the same people.
  • Mama Needs Coffee. Her insights are always challenging me.
  • Carrots for Michaelmas. When we were teenagers and in our twenties, Haley was always doing things a couple years before me: getting a serious boyfriend, getting married, having a baby.
  • Catholic All Year. One of the first Catholic blogs I followed. Her indefatigability and unflappability (are those words?) are mesmerizingly outside my realm but also aspirational.

(I’ll be adding a book section later when I feel like getting angsty over Lit-ra-chure.)