The Wandering Bowerses

We’ve been on the road for over a month, staying with one friend, two families, an Airbnb and two hotels so far. Stray observations:

  • I’ve felt much more relaxed about my own housekeeping standards staying with people whose houses I admire. Everyone has some things better organized or cleaner than I do, and some corners more neglected. 
  • I love seeing the contents of people’s fridges. Anchovy paste! Refrigerated pie crust! (So I’m not alone after all.) What must our friends think of the strange food we leave behind, the garlic naan and the frozen Trader Joe’s chocolate croissants?
  • I’ve gotten to cook with friends and loved ones and learned a lot along the way: why fresh lemons are better than lemon juice, for instance. 
  • There are so many small clashes in living with someone. My father in law and I are locked in eternal war with each other as everyday, I take out a drinking glass for water only to find it already loaded in the dishwasher when I come back for it later, meaning I then run through half a dozen glasses a day. I’m sure it drives him nuts, too. 
  • Baby proofing a variety of locations for two active kids is impossible. This week Pippin bashed his face on a coffeee table and Scout fell down a flight of stairs. Awful. 

Perhaps most importantly, I now feel like a Jane Austen heroine who goes to call for a fortnight at a stretch, and I’ve gotten to sleep in nearly every day. Bliss!

Scout will sleep anywhere but wants to nurse 327x a night
we have profited shamelessly from borrowed baby gear

One thought on “The Wandering Bowerses

  1. I love to see the contents of other peoples’ fridges too! We lived with my sister and brother-in-law for almost a year and it was such a good thing to have my same old grocery choices shaken up. And the line about being like a Jane Austen heroine cracks me up! I’d feel the same way. Love everything about your lovely blog ❤


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