Frugal Accomplishments for the First Couple Weeks of October

Recently I’ve been reading and enjoying the Prudent Homemaker’s recurring series, “Frugal Accomplishments,” in which she tracks her budget-saving measures over the course of each week. (I think I first discovered her through the also excellent blog, The Big White Farmhouse.)  I come from a frugal family so many of these steps come naturally, but J and I also are careless budgeters, so we still have a lot to learn. Here are some of our recent highlights, though, since I’ve enjoyed reading others’:

    I fished a half dozen fleece 3T footy pajamas from a bin of Scout’s old clothes for my friend’s nearly 3-year-old daughter. I pass most of Scout’s stuff to her and then she passes it back enriched with things acquired for her daughter so that most of Roo’s wardrobe appears ready-made at irregular intervals on my porch.
    • I made sourdough bread with my gigantic bag of King Arthur flour bought from our local closeout grocery. At the closeout grocery, our usual best score is a box of 16 Larabars for $4.99. They aren’t always there, but they’re one of the most clearcut savings we snag there and a real timesaver at morning snack because everyone will eat them: quick, tidy, inexpensive, filling, healthy.
      When I got sick, J was able to come home from work and make a fast dinner using pasta and pesto from the pantry and miso meatballs I’d made a couple months back and frozen. Much cheaper than defaulting to takeout.
      At the very end of September, Scout, Roo and I attended a wedding. I wore a J. Crew silk dress I’d found at Goodwill. (I did pay for alterations.) Roo wore a dress I’d bought secondhand on the Kidizen app. (If you want to try it, please use my referral code: wcp6y ) Scout was a flower girl, but the bride kindly chose a Target style and I bought Scout’s shoes on Kidizen, too. (The wedding color was dusty pink, though in a pinch, I probably could have gotten away with just sticking her in silver shoes we already had.)
    • We had free babysitting for a date when our neighbor friend, whose family was out of town, came and worked and read on our couch while the kids snoozed. We hope to repay the favor soon.
      I placed an order for eggs with a co-op acquaintance. She charges $2.50/dozen, while I haven’t found cage-free eggs at a store any cheaper than $4-5/dozen.
      For school, Pippin practiced reading from Arnold Lobel books I’d thrifted for $.10 each, as well as some Treasure Island readers from the library.
      I picked zinnias and Mexican sunflowers and snapdragons from the garden for decoration at a friend’s

    mother’s blessing

      instead of picking up a bouquet at the grocery store. (Every bouquet now feels precious because I suspect first frost will come soon!)
      For Halloween the kids are just wearing variations on their usual lifestyle costume wear, so I didn’t have to buy anything new there, except a pair of orange leggings for a duck costume Roo may or may not ultimately decide to wear.
    • I ordered my Christmas cards insanely early so I could cash in on early bird promotions. Our sibling professional photos were taken at co-op at a very reasonable price, and for the last few years I’ve done Christmas postcards to save a bit on postage.

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