My Week in 7 Search Terms

I’m joining in with This Ain’t the Lyceum for a little spin on my usual commonplace book, looking at some of my searches in the past week, including ideas for this mysterious substance…

  1. origins bless us o lord prayer history catholic: the more you know!
  2. natural remedies dog constipation: I do not wish this kind of a Monday on any of y’all.
  3. ways to use whey: I’m pretty committed to sticking to this cold-start yogurt making method because I loathe the tedium of raising and lowering the milk temperature, but it definitely requires thickening the yogurt up (well, for most of us — Pippin likes it kefir-esque). So I have been using industrial-size coffee filters but wanted to see how to use up all the whey that’s generated. The first experiment up for me will be subbing it for water in my ciabatta recipe.
  4. parsnips 450: I either roasted them too hot or too long because they got a bit charred, some of them, but I roasted them along with some carrots for an uncommonly good iteration of my cottage pie.
  5. dorothy day abortion: because I’m writing about Future Home of the Living God and wanted to draw some parallels.
  6. buy hellebores virginia: because I was feeling kind of self-pitying at the eye doctor with all three kids while Pippin had his first eye check (he’s predictably batlike, as it turns out). Anyway, instead I impulse bought 60 gladiolus bulbs at Costco, so, on balance, at least a win for thriftiness.
  7. paintings by owen merton: because I’m rereading Seven Storey Mountain for Well-Read Moms. I like his work!
My paperwhites, which are all done blooming now, sadly

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