What’s Saving Me This Winter

In vain I have struggled. It will not do.

After ten winters spent in either New England or the Mid-Atlantic, I’m ready to call it: I am just not a winter person. I don’t like the way my body gets all hunched up against a cold wind, or the way it gets dark so painfully early, or the mess of tracked-in snow, or the canceled plans and sick-day quarantine, or the ice that makes walking scary and driving scarier.

Here are a few things I do love this winter, though — and I’ll point you to Modern Mrs. Darcy for more winter survival inspiration.

  • Upping my sourdough game with the lamé a friend got me for Christmas.

  • Reading good books. Most recently The Library Book, which my father-in-law got me for Christmas.
  • Becoming an aunt for the first time! Only a few more weeks till we get to meet our sweet nephew.
  • Seeing these girls really become sisters, not just sister-and-baby.

  • Hunting for evidence of the bulbs I laboriously planted around the yard at the last possible moment last Thanksgiving. No sign they’ve made it yet, but I’m hoping for crocus and daffodils and tulips in just a few short weeks.
  • Planning a Lenten mini retreat for our local Blessed Is She group with the help of friends. Semi-embarrassing admission: spending time thinking about how to help others grow spiritually is helping me think about the places where I need to grow, too.

What’s brightening your winter days? Or are you naturally a winter person?

2 thoughts on “What’s Saving Me This Winter

  1. I absolutely 100% am a born-in-july-card-carrying summer girl through and through. I’ve been seeing quite a few posts about being hospitable and I keep saying to myself, “I want to but at least one of my 5 children has been sick since early November.” I survive with good books, warm beverages, and pine candles. It’s the Sherwood Forest up in here! April will be here soon.. well.. sooner than January!


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