7 Long-Distance Baby Shower Considerations

Calligraphy by the talented Dr J

(Do you have a pregnant friend who lives afar? I’m linking up this week with This Ain’t the Lyceum to share about my experience throwing a baby shower-by-mail without making a formal and frankly kind of braggy how-to post.)

1. You don’t have to fly, or make deviled eggs: priceless. Don’t think about the shipping costs.

2. Someone will inevitably buy something incredibly generous and appallingly heavy.

3. Someone will inevitably send you super weird stuff with no identification. Are these even shower gifts?!

(Edward Gorey postcard the author’s own)

4. You will spend a long time brainstorming flat things to use as party favors. Some suggestions: photos, those baby shower trivia games, tea bags, pressed leaves.

5. This is your big chance to showcase your subpar wrapping skills.

6. But at least you can keep your stunted cake decorating talents under wraps a little longer.

7. You can still inflict this game (which I secretly love) on the mama-to-be.


2 thoughts on “7 Long-Distance Baby Shower Considerations

    • I agree! I was still thinking it might be a shower gift until I got the weirdo CD, too. I hoped my sister-in-law would open the bag and burst out laughing, knowing exactly who the two weird gifts were from, but the mystery remains.


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