30 After 30 at 33

Still not composing selfies properly

So, if you’re a longtime reader, you know I’ve been working through a list of goals for the last three years, in haphazard fashion, with lots of backsliding and serendipitous leaps. Here are my reflections on how my thirty-second year has played out:

(To see past years, here is 32, 31, and the original post.)

  • I have mostly neglected all that signature style business. I had a baby right before I turned 32 so I’ve shed pounds and cup sizes at a dizzying pace. It’s all I can do to keep up. Add in an injury that required a semester of PT and then a probable broken toe (??) and I don’t even know if my shoes fit right anymore. I’m telling myself it’s a season, and just trying to thrift jeans that’ll stay in place.
  • V few walks in the first half thanks to the back injury, but I’ve been savoring my newfound mobility and even running a bit.
Nasturtium and Mexican sunflower from the garden
  • I’ve done well on flowers because my cheapskate tendencies delight in growing them myself.
  • I’ve been knocking out learning new meat recipes as we finish our quarter cow and move on to a friend’s share of pork. I’m enjoying the challenge, even if fried steak cost me my rings.
  • Living abroad! We are tentatively leading a summer study abroad trip to the UK next year which gets me through the hardest homeschooling days.
  • I finished my will and got it notarized, with lots of prodding and help from my dad. (Now for John’s.)
  • I’ve been writing so much this year, letters and posts and all kinds of things. I completed a draft of a big writing project close to my heart, and even if nothing ever comes of it, I’m actually really proud in a sort of childlike way. I DID IT.

Do you make goals for yourself in any kind of organized way? What’s your biggest accomplishment in the last year?

3 thoughts on “30 After 30 at 33

  1. Ooh, I do hope your writing project comes to life! Congrats on finishing it! (Wish I could say the same for my big writing project…) I have been making a goals blog post at the beginning of each year for a few years now and it really is the main reason why I ever get anything done.


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