Commonplace Book, 54

What is a commonplace book? For me, this is a space where I post interesting links, reflections on what I’m reading, and the newest recipes I’ve been trying out — a collection of miscellaneous micro-posts.

Also on the recent menu

What I’m fixing:

  • In the continuing vein of mediocre cake skills, what do you do when you tear up a cake all to hell trying to get it out of the pan? If you’re me, and not cutesy enough for cake pops, you crumble it up further, throw it in a fancy wedding-gift dish with instant pudding and Heath bar bits, and call it trifle. BECAUSE IT TRIFLED WITH YOU, FIRST.
  • Because one of my children is subsisting on a peanut butter Nutella sandwich every day, I recently tried my hand at chocolate sourdough waffles. I was pleased with the results. It was kind of a stupid idea, because I had a second-hand waffle maker without an instruction manual, no experience making waffles, a problematic sourdough starter (because it’s not a 50/50 water-flour hydration like most starters) — but I winged it. And unlike the problematic cake, this gamble paid off. It’s still a waffle, I know, but a wheat-y, sourdough-y one. So in our house, basically a health food.

What I’m reading:

  • I just finished Tower of DawnI’ve been reading the Throne of Glass series for the last couple years because my sister-in-law adores it and I have a lot of feelings. I kind of hate everyone? And Maas’s style is so uneven. She switches from very high fantasy speech back into very casual contemporary speech, which totally pulls me up out of the atmosphere. Everyone is the very -est: the cleverest, the most magical, the most beautiful, the most insanely talented. Everyone is 22. (I am clearly not the intended readership, not least because I have trouble remembering the intricate plots from one book to the next. This would make a better binge-worthy Netflix series.) The hypnotically attractive characters (some of whom have “sapphire” eyes!!) sleep around like an episode of Grey’s Anatomy. BUT: Maas really is a very good world builder. Her world is big and echoey with shadows lost to deep history, and people and places and stories crop up over and over. I’m not sure I would still be reading if I wasn’t going to discuss them with someone, but I’ll definitely devour the final book when it debuts this fall.
  • Haley’s The Grace of Enough because it’s my obligation as a godsister-in-law, a title I definitely made up. Seriously, though — why haven’t you gotten your copy yet?

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