7 Lame Homemaker Thoughts

Joining in with Kelly for Seven Quick Takes, this week featuring homemaking thoughts that would make posts too boring for even me!

  1. I would shift all my brand loyalty to a liquid laundry detergent with a cap whose lines could actually be detected by the naked human eye. WHY DO THEY MAKE THEM SO FAINT?!
  2. Am I the only one secretly convinced members of her family deliberately leave socks rolled in tight little doughnuts as a personal affront to the person doing laundry? I just can’t not get mad.
  3. The best way to catch fruit flies is apple cider vinegar in a jar with a little dish soap dripped in. They fly in and drown. You will have to burn the jar, however, if, like me, you forget about your ingenious trap until the cider and flies have formed a homogenous sludge in the bottom.
  4. Moving on to other exciting dish soap information, Blue Dawn is also great for getting grease stains out of clothes, if you are the kind of woman who moves seamlessly from pregnant belly food drips to breast milk stains. (So you’re not? Congratulations.)
  5. Do you do all your monthly things together on one day or spread them out and do you set an alarm on your phone or what? On my list: medicate the dog, change the air filter, check the fire alarms. What else should be on that list?
  6. If you are looking for a good ROI on a disgusting/ satisfying chore, might I suggest cleaning the fan blades of your kitchen ceiling fan? I did not photograph my before/after out of shame, but you should definitely envision a change in color.
  7. Does anyone else construct her babies in utero out of Chick Fil A and Cheez-Its dipped in blue cheese dressing, fortify her breastfeeding diet with the toddler’s potty training M&Ms, and yet find it extremely important to feed her baby only homemade hummus and organic purées? Do I shell out for organic guava for myself? I do not. Whatever. TAKE MY MONEY. Who can resist this face?

5 thoughts on “7 Lame Homemaker Thoughts

  1. Socks .. the bane of my existence. And now I have older kids stealing toddler socks because they keep losing their own socks and now no one has socks and all I can say is thank goodness it is summer so I can put off this problem and run this sentence on in aeternam. 🙃


    • Last summer I let my kids wear rain boots without socks because I was hugely pregnant and it didn’t require me to bend over and they got OUTRAGEOUS athletes foot. So everyone got a new-to-them pair of sandals this May!


  2. I have grease stains on all my clothes. Maternity and otherwise. I needed this tip. I wonder if it will work on the chapstick stains from it going through the dryer.


  3. #5- Wednesdays during nap time. I space out all the things I don’t want to do, assign them to a week and then eat chocolate chips after I do them. It’s totally healthy and sane to approach myself as if I were a school-age child, so don’t pretend that it isn’t because I can’t hear you la la la la la.


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