Read Your Own Books Update

In January, I vowed to work on reading all the unread books I currently own. Read on to learn how I’ve fared in the first half of the year.


Books I buy myself: I forget and buy The Last Policeman kindle book when it’s featured on Modern Mrs. Darcy’s newsletter of sale kindle books. I unsubscribe to the (excellent) newsletter so I won’t be tempted again.

Books I actually read this month: Strangers and Sojourners (book club), On Pilgrimage (book club), The Turquoise Table (OWN), The Essex Serpent (OWN), Anne’s House of Dreams (OWN).


Books I buy myself: I don’t buy any for myself…but I buy two for J.

Books I actually read this month: The Last Policeman (see Jan.), Countdown City (library ebook), The Practice of the Presence of God (free ebook but it turns out later I’d been borrowing a copy for years — does this count??), The Fellowship: The Literary Lives of the Inklings (OWN).


Books I buy myself: None. I even make it through the book fair without adding anything for myself.

Books I actually read this month: World of Trouble (library ebook), Home Education (Librivox), The Power and the Glory (OWN).


Books I buy myself: None, but:

I get a three month free subscription to Scribd from a bundle.

Books I actually read this month: What’s Wrong with the World (free ebook)


Books I buy myself: None, but:

My father-in-law is downsizing his library. I score the complete short stories of Flannery O’Connor, A Confederacy of Dunces (which I’ve never read before) and a pretty little copy of just “The Grand Inquisitor” from Brothers Karamazov.


We stop for a Mary statue for our garden at Belmont Abbey in Charlotte. I walk out with two books for myself.

Books I actually read this month: Wildflower Hill (Scribd ebook), Cold Sassy Tree (book club), Crunchy Cons (loaner), Roots & Sky (loaner)


Books I buy myself: I buy myself a Mary Reed Newland book and the six original volumes of Charlotte Mason’s writing on cathswap. They’re semi justifiable because they’re educational — but that doesn’t excuse them because I have at least five other books on home education waiting to be read (including another by Mary Reed Newland).

Books I actually read this month: Future Home of the Living God (library), Getting Past Perfect (for book club), Les Miserables (old Audible buy for book club), The War That Saved My Life (Scribd audiobook), Charlotte’s Web (OWN).

Incidentally, sources for free books: libraries, library free e-resources, Little Free Libraries, Librivox, searching for free PDFs of books outside of copyright, borrowing.

Or, you know, you could just read your own damn books.

Total books I already owned read in first half of 2018: 5/22(ish) (And books I already own and hadn’t previously read: 3!!!)

Total books bought for myself: 9

Grade if I’m just trying not to buy myself more books: C

Grade if I’m trying to read up all my own unread books: D-

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