The Police Correspondent

Since August, I’ve had Pippin write one letter a week. While much of my approach to schooling has evolved through the months as I get to know my student and myself, letter-writing has been a cornerstone of Police Preschool.

I’m not sure where the idea came from. Is it Well-Trained Mind that suggests it? It might have occurred to me on my own–I’m a devotee of old fashioned correspondence myself.

Whatever the impetus, I’ve helped Pippin write to someone every week — either a friend whose name starts with our letter of the week, or a thank you note following his birthday and Christmas.

He doesn’t write much, usually–his name, their name, POLICE scrawled by a car or boat or truck. (He’s not reading much on his own yet.)

It ties in reward and utility with writing immediately. He can see the social impact of his growing literacy and express gratitude. And the letters he receives in return–from his grandpa and great-Grandaddy, his godbrother and a recent college graduate friend–begin to reinforce for him the power of writing to unite us all.

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