2017 in Books

(For 2016 and before, check out this post.)

So, I hit my goal of one book a week this year, due in large part to fetal first trimester reading holed up in my bed (shout out to my mother’s helpers to making this happen!) and lying in binge reading. I couldn’t have done it without you, crappy pregnancy!

Among the 50-ish books I read, here are notables and favorites:

Nonfiction Nominees

We’ve got a faith and vocation thing going here as it starts to look like I’ll be home full time for the foreseeable future, so I might as well figure out what that means to me, my home, and the world.

Fiction Nominees

In other trends, audiobooks are still going strong and I officially can’t read a library book without it coming overdue, so that’s the season we are in I guess. Our little free library finally got its first book from someone other than me — a Baha’i faith book — but I’m counting that a win, too. And I’m enjoying reading aloud chapter books to Pip, too, even if I’ve lost a bit of ground on my own reading.

What did your year of reading look like? What was the best book you read in 2017?

8 thoughts on “2017 in Books

  1. Oooh, Creating with God sounds like the perfect read during pregnancy! I’ll have to remember that one if the time comes again. Middlemarch is on my 2018 booklist, so it made me happy to see you mention it here.


    • I’ve been on such a quest for a pregnancy book like Creating with God, which doesn’t dismiss the wonderful mystery but acknowledges the hardship—so good. Good luck with Middlemarch! If you get bogged down, I recommend shelling out for the version on Audible 🙂


  2. So many of your books are on my to read list! I so wanted to like The Guersney Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society but it was too something for me. I think I’d lap it up in an instant if it were made into a film. Peaceful Parents, Happy Kids was life-changing for me though. It helped me understand things (not even necessarily terrible things) about the way I was raised that I had never come to terms with and helped me feel less helpless about dealing with my two-year-old.


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