Today my little sister turns 30. Today our little family also continues the long, giddy, exhausting process of adjusting to growing a bit larger with my kids’ own little sister finally here in our arms. And both have me thinking about sisters.

I have lousy pregnancies and probably it’s slightly insane that I keep enduring pregnancy (always secretly hoping for different results, but as one friend said, I have a pretty damning data set at this point). But one of my big driving factors, one of my best sustaining thoughts, is how much I’ve loved going through life with my sister.

We are, it must be admitted, dramatically, often comically different people. (Gamely attending a kid’s birthday party with me recently, she was asked her main areas of freelancing, and with only a deep breath, admitted cooly to the inquiring Catholic moms, “Sex and relationships.”) When we were kids, we squabbled a lot, but couldn’t resist reconciling — who else were we going to play school or grocery store with? She’s the only other Floridian I know who basically can’t swim, and when I come across something on the internet I find bizarrely funny, she’s the first person I want to share it with.

Even when we fought mostly bitterly, it’s been such a gift to have someone who grew up the same way, who knows about our mother’s penchant for lipstick or the way our dad blared classic rock on Saturday mornings while he waxed the car. We are very different, but I admire so much about Beca. She can put anyone at ease around her, while I stumble through small talk. She mustered enough determination to survive the cesspool that is Brooklyn [my opinion, not hers], carve out a freelance career, and light out for Atlanta. She’s also an enthusiastic and indefatigable aunt to my kids, snagging them books and gummy bears and gobbling their bellies till they squeal with delight — and while I don’t require that you like my kids, I’m going to like you much better if you do.

I got through my pregnancy with Scout knowing I was giving Pippin the gift of a sibling, and I was buoyed through the long and waddling months carrying Roo, knowing that our house would someday have the laughter and arguments and comradeship of sisters: like the Dashwoods, or the Marches, or the Penderwicks, or the Grimm girls. Scout and Elizabeth are only a few months further apart than Beca and I are, and I can’t wait to see their friendship and sisterhood develop in the coming decades.

And I’m forever glad to know my little sister will be there to watch it, too.

4 thoughts on “Sisters

  1. Oh, my goodness, how cute are you people? And your people.
    Everything you said about sisters rings true for me, too. I know people who aren’t close with their siblings, but I’m grateful not to be one of them. Also grateful for friends who fill geographic gaps left by sisters who move far away. ❤

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  2. I used to be jealous that John and Thomas had an easier friendship than my sister and I do but we’ve grown closer and as I get older I value the sort of prickly love and respect between people so dramatically different people. I’d have no one in my life quite like her without her, you know?


  3. I love this. We moved into the same neighborhood as my sister and her family and now my other sister and her family are moving to a house here–tomorrow! Basically all my dreams are coming true. I never considered how hard it must have been for my mom to be so far from her sisters while we were little, but now I get it especially since my sisters and I, while always close, have become indispensably close now that we’re all mothers.


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