In Defense of Pregnancy Consumerism

A sentiment I can get behind
It’s possible that if you feel terrific throughout pregnancy this doesn’t apply, but I’m actually a real proponent of a little retail therapy to cheer up a crappy pregnancy. (I hope Kate Middleton is getting only the best stuff right now, guys.)

After all, you can acquire almost everything you need for baby herself from hand-me-downs and a little judicious secondhand shopping, but getting through the nine months preceding her arrival can be a slog to say the least.

In pregnancy, I can’t really eradicate my morning sickness or fix the discomforts that plague me, but it’s worth passing some time researching remedies that might alleviate the crappiness even a bit.

Here are some items I’ve found helpful in boosting morale.

For nausea:

  • Vitamin B6 in the proper dose, for serious. If you’re already gagging, you might as well not have to chop pills into a crumbling mess that makes it worse. You can also ask for Zofran that can be taken sublingually. Swallowing pills is hard when you’re already queasy! Don’t go cheap and puke them into the bathroom sink.

For lumpiness:

  • I’m team maternity dress. I just don’t think the pregnant human figure was meant to support waistbands, and especially with subsequent pregnancies, when I find myself often squatting down to deal with other small people, it’s crack city all the time, regardless of how cute the maternity jeans are.

For heartburn:

  • A wedge pillow. It is ridiculous, and paired with my pregnancy body pillow, Gladys, takes up quite a bit of the bed, but it helps me not to wake up with raging heartburn — or worse, suffer through a reflux vomit.
  • A well-fitting bra. Get fitted. It’ll help with heartburn and backache, and if you buy one expensive one from the fitter, you can get the rest in your new size from Amazon on the cheap. This my all-time favorite and has lasted me through three pregnancies and 40+ months of nursing. (Warning: It has a mortifying name.)

For travel and work:

  • Compression socks. Totally depressing, but they prevent blood clots when traveling on a plane or sitting a long time, and help keep swelling down. I get lurid ones because the flesh-colored ones for diabetics squick me out. Hey! I am a sausage person, but I’m a FUN sausage person!

For encouragement:

What are other small indulgences that make the long slog bearable for you?





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