I really really wish I felt better while pregnant. There are pregnant women being Wonder Womanly and kicking butt at tennis and for a very long time, just existing is a pretty major accomplishment in my book.

I’m finally some better, but in that long hibernation space, I felt like the kids were mostly just watching tv and mainlining Goldfish. As it turns out, though, Pippin was developing newfound independence and a willingness to help.

In the past few weeks, he’s started pouring his own milk (if we keep a small bottle filled for him), feeding the dog, checking the mail, keeping an eye on his sister (who he endearingly and mysteriously calls “Sweet Pete”), helping me put away groceries and helping more consistently with baking.

It’s grand. It’s a reminder for me of a couple things: first, I should keep an eye on my kids’ development and give them chances to try new tasks. And more importantly, I’m learning that even in a season of seeming stasis, the kids are growing all the time. They are not (just!) developing complexes from me repeating, “Please don’t touch Mama, please go watch more Daniel Tiger” — maybe the boredom and benevolent neglect even hastens these leaps.

Well, Sweet Pete, looks like Mama’s not getting around to it anytime soon. Should I try?

Captain Barnacles gives little sis a push on the swing

4 thoughts on “Helpers

  1. Is he referencing the term of endearment “sweet pea”? When I was young, I used to call “barefooted” “Mary pudding” – because it is so easy to understand how I would have gotten the two confused. . .

    I still feel a bit guilty for withdrawing a bit from Ephraim and Justin after Trinity. But he survived, and life has led him on a trajectory where he had flourished in a lot of areas. It is hard to give ourselves grace, and hard to allow our children to become more independent. Part of the joy and growth of our faith through this experience of motherhood perhaps!


    • I think he probably means “sweet pea” but he’s pretty weird…who knows!

      It is hard not to feel mama guilt putting a little distance between your kid and yourself. Weaning is hard for that reason for me. But today Scout didn’t fall into a jealous rage when I held a newborn, so it can be a good thing!


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