This Is Four

Lately, this is my boy when he sees me sneaking a photo. But when he gets my phone to himself during audiobook time while I’m making supper:

He’s been so into reading chapter books aloud since the new year, and when in flusterment* I handed him my phone with a hastily downloaded Mercy Watson library audiobook a couple weeks ago when I couldn’t manage to read aloud and chop onions simultaneously, I had no idea how popular this move would make me.

So while Scout methodically destroys my kitchen or deigns to throw Cheerios from her high chair and I frantically finish supper, Pippin listens to the adventures of the Boxcar Children and takes a million, jillion pictures of the things that make up his life. I love his weird compositions of scenes from our messy house during one of the most difficult times of our day as a family. I delete most of them, because I don’t really need (literally) 93 pictures of his Matchbox firetruck. I end up with pictures of the junky Lego book I let him get from the library; of our unstraightened playroom bookshelf; of shoes strewn with wild abandon (even though they know better!). I delete most of them, but I keep a few, mementos of these imperfect, fleeting evenings.

*not a word, but should be

2 thoughts on “This Is Four

  1. flusterment SHOULD be a word. also, lets chat about this audiobook stuff. i’m envious of your rockstar reader and i want one of my own (not that i dont love my mariokart expert, but… you know, screens rot brains and stuff).


    • Ok. To be clear, Pip isn’t reading by himself at all. At all! He can write “PIP” and has no interest in moving past that. And some of the love of reading stuff is just personality, I think. But I tried a lot of chapter books, tried cuddling him or letting him play, and built it into our day: after getting dressed; before quiet time; sometimes after quiet time before Scout wakes up; audiobook while I cook; John reads aloud after dinner and before bed. And we definitely go in for screens, too — he gets an episode of Octonauts basically every weekday and more depending on flusterment levels đŸ™‚


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