My Books of 2016

Total: 42. (I might knock out a couple more in the last couple weeks, but I’m calling it as of 12/11.)

You can see them all here. I’m kind of cheating to include ones like Catwingswhich are like thirty seconds long, but on the other hand, I’ve slogged through some real behemoths. (Shouldn’t Brothers Karamazov count as more than one book?!)


  • Audiobooks. Audiobooks while running, audiobooks while cleaning, audiobooks getting ready in the morning. So grateful for those opportunities.
  • MG with Pippin: In the last few months Pippin’s powers of attention to long stories have really taken off, and he loves to have me read aloud to him as he zooms a truck along beside me on the couch. It’s (unsurprisingly) one of my favorite things to do with him. We start many more than we finish, but when he hits on a book he loves — Henry HugginsLittle House on the Prairie — he begs for the next chapter unceasingly.
  • The endless Throne of Glass series. Thanks, Maddy!

Favorite fiction:

  • The Lake House (Kate Morton) — almost as good as The Secret Keepermy favorite of hers. Her books are always atmospheric and kind of moody and beautiful, and the best have plots that broadside me, but have a rightness. (I want to say “lushly romantic”…but that descriptor kind of embarrasses me.)
  • Helena (Evelyn Waugh) — maybe my third or fourth Waugh, and the first I’ve liked. The plotting and language are kind of disconcerting, but at the kernel is this idea: that one decision can define you, that one fiat can set you down in legend.
  • The Precious One (Marisa de los Santos) — I recommended this to a friend who said reading it was like listening to me talk, that it was just so essentially me. All I can say is I loved it: funny and quirky with vivid characters and places you want to visit yourself and lots of sweet moments.

Favorite nonfiction:

(You can catch up on previous years on ye old tumblr.)

What book was the best to come out of your reading for this year?




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