Google Drive for Life

I first encountered Google Drive in library school. A lot of my program was distance learning, and so when I’d collaborate with a classmate who lived in New Hampshire or Rhode Island, it was helpful to be able to pass projects back and forth using Google Drive. Later, working a tiny job when Pippin was a baby, Google Drive allowed me to collaborate on a grant application from home during nap time. Now that I’m footloose and fancy(/job-) free, I still love Google Drive for a variety of tasks:

  • Thanksgiving spreadsheet: master shopping list of what is being served, who’s making it, when to make it, and ingredients to shop for. (I break that list up by stores, because I am insane.)
  • Christmas and birthday gifts spreadsheet: track your purchases, and record ideas when you don’t have a chance to shop, or links to items you’re considering.
  • Addresses: I have a master list of everyone and then a separate one I cut and paste onto for Christmas cards. This also helps with travel, because I can easily send a postcard, look up the address of a friend’s house we’re visiting, and get a thank you note mailed promptly.
  • Party prep: I learned this from event planning for library programs. Include these categories: food, activities, RSVPs, do/make/buy/borrow, etc. You can also cut and paste photos and URLs. It’s not as pretty as Pinterest, but it’s very handy.

How do you use Google Drive to make homemaking and hospitality easier?



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