I’m an Introvert: Am I Exempt from Christian Hospitality?


Shortest blog post ever, right?

But seriously. I’m usually classified as an ISFJ. And here’s what I figure.

You’re still called to generosity and loving on your neighbor, but you get to stack the deck in your favor.

See, you can be a Christian introvert, but I don’t think you can be a shy Christian. Or you can still consider yourself shy, find yourself quaking in anxiety, and still do the brave thing in seeking out the people who need your company, your generosity, your prayers. You can’t hide behind the label on the comfort of your couch, unchallenged, uninconvenienced.*

For me, introvert hospitality means things like reminding myself about scruffy hospitality so my (ISF)J side doesn’t take over and shift me to high-strung perfectionism. (I talk about that struggle in this old post.) It means hosting people during the hours I feel most alert and energetic — kids have helped in this regard, because it means we often wrap things up by 9. (I remember hosting my first college party and at 2 a.m., with mixed wonder and revulsion, pretty much just yelling, “OK GET OUT!!!”) It also means that, at my wedding, I invited everyone I loved, but I also deliberately kept the reception during daytime and short: I want to hug you all, but I also reserve the right to peace out.

Maybe the same is true for extroverts (probably — I’ll ask my husband, who is the ENTP  to my ISFJ), but I think it’s particularly important for introverts. You need self-care, but you also need to care about people.


*definitely a real word, thanks for asking.

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