Stop Skimping on Yourself: Making My Bedroom Not a Wreck

not staged, which is why you’ll see Cecil, the world’s most disgusting polar bear, on the bed
It’s always been the last thing we worried about decorating. In our Mole Hole studio apartment, it was a sort of dark pillow fort that was probably never truly clean. In our Granby apartment, there was cardboard in the bedroom windows for a long time even after we’d stopped needing to block light for our mixed-up newborn. I’m not sure we ever really unpacked and set up our Belmont apartment in the ten or so months we lived there.

I think there’s a tendency for me not to spend a lot of money or energy on my bedroom, as a grown-ass married lady, because no one sees it but me and my husband, and I don’t exhibit a lot of energy, eight years in, trying to impress him with my sophistication. And 1.) maybe I should, or else, 2.) maybe I shouldn’t be trying to impress anyone with my house, right? What about friendly and meaningful and interesting and, you know, COZY? So maybe no one will see my bedroom, which is mostly a good thing, but that doesn’t mean I shouldn’t try to make it a lovely place to be, even if it just for me.

I’m trying to be better this time around, even though we spend very little waking time in the bedroom, attached as it is to Scout’s “closery.” Still, everytime I come in to change the sheets or grab my outfit for the day, I feel better to find a room not strewn with dirty clothes, dark and undecorated. I doubt I’ll be regularly making the bed anytime soon, but it’s a start.

prints, clockwise: a birch print I admired in an Western MA coffee shop and J bought me; us making out on our honeymoon in Washington State; a sweet print from an ATL artist Beca gave me for Christmas; a jar of little string lights from Pippin’s godparents

2 thoughts on “Stop Skimping on Yourself: Making My Bedroom Not a Wreck

  1. I am not a naturally neat person so this is something I think about and struggle with daily.but putting the effort in really does do wonders mentally for me. I read somewhere that from a Catholic perspective the master bedroom should be considered the most important room in the house since the family is founded on a strong marriage. Consequently, we should strive to make it a place of beauty and peace. That’s easier said than done of course. Also is Mole Hole a nod to The Wind in the Willows? Because if so, that is just so wonderful 🙂


    • It is! Except it was a flooding little basement studio apartment whose main virtue was its cheapness 🙂 I’m finding I feel much calmer if the house isn’t a wreck, but then it’s hard to let go of when someone’s sick (someone or other ha been sick in our family since about April!).


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