Learning to Love Housekeeping (Snippets), 5


Things I’ve been fixing lately:

On Holy Saturday, Pippin and I brought Easter eggs around to the neighbors. The weather was dreamy, and we ended up poking around the neighbors’ garden with them. Since it was near dinnertime, I invited them to join us for our simple slow cooker meal. I’m always a little embarrassed by its ’60s vibe, but here is my go-to Easy Chicken and Dumplings:

  • one can Grands biscuits
  • cooked vegetables (carrots, parsnips, potatoes, whatever) and/or frozen peas
  • two cans cream of chicken soup. (This time, I made it myself with this recipe and felt duly wholesome.)
  • couple cloves minced garlic
  • one diced onion
  • a cup or so of chicken broth
  • couple of big chicken breasts, split

Anyway, you combine everything but the biscuit dough and the vegetables. Put on high 4-5 hours. An hourish before it’s finished, shred the chicken, stir in the vegetables and slice the biscuit dough into strips, then nestle them on top, partially submerged. (Experiment to figure out how biscuity/dumpling-y you like it.) The neighbors brought homemade apple sauce, ice cream and homemade chocolate sauce, a loaf of good bread with honey from their bees, and we had an impromptu celebration. Which all goes to show you: don’t worry about being fancy. You’ll still have a good time.

{Pippin on his first egg hunt of Easter 2k16, and on his first ever egg hunt in 2014 with his Aunt K}

Things I’ve been thinking about lately:



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